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Journal :
2014-02-16 22:56:07So now I've got a journal (insert evil laugh here). but what am I going to do with it? Shall I use it as a forum to advance my political agenda? A weapon, razor sharp and deadly with which to tear my enemies (if I have any) to shreds? Perhaps a place in which I can wax lyrical about flowers, clouds, and cute little kittens. Maybe all of these, depending on my mood. Of course, as a writer, I am a dark, brooding, moody sort of guy (quiet in the cheap seats!). For my first journal entry, I think I'll start with addressing my lack of ability to stick to one genre. People often ask me what sort of books I write. I have to provide a long, complicated answer that boils down to 'Whatever I want'. In short, I hate being pigeon-holed. When I write, I write what I'd enjoy reading. I think about the intended audience, tone the language and content appropriately, and then just let it flow. Sometimes I think I have ADD or something... I have an amazing inability to stick to a narrow focus - or maybe it's my star sign (Libra). I just love sticking my fingers in as many pies as possible.

"The Fallen Angel series explores the darker side of humanity through the eyes of those who are more than human."
  - Fallen Angel
"Youth fiction novels feature characters, themes and language aimed at specific ages between 5 and 15."
- Youth Fiction
"Some aspects of life, such as love, are universal, and go beyond the borders of nations."
- Seoul Mates
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